The Noble Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:

"The most generous is he who fulfils that which Allah (SWT) has deemed obligatory upon him."

At Human Relief Foundation, we want to help you fulfil your obligation as a Muslim. If you donate your Qurbani to us, we promise to distribute it to the poorest people in the world and in accordance with strict Islamic principles.

You can donate you Qurbani through HRF from just £25.

Human Relief Foundation have been performing and distributing Qurbani to needy people since 1991. We work in fifteen countries around the world, and you can choose exactly which country you would like your Qurbani to go to.

The people we help are some of the poorest in the world. If you donate your Qurbani to us, you can be sure that it is reaching those who have not eaten a proper meal for months. In some cases, they have not eaten meat since our Qurbani appeal last year.

For more information on our other work, please visit www.hrf.org.uk.

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