Top 5 Health Benefits Of Massage

It’s always nice to get a relaxing massage after going through a stressful period. But if you only remember massage therapy when you’re stressed out, then you probably don’t get enough of it. You should realize that going to a  massage herndon va is associated with several therapeutic benefits. Sure, a massage therapy session helps immensely with relaxation, but it can do much more than that. In this resource, you’ll learn some of the best health benefits of massage and why you should make it a part of your health care routine.

Alleviate Stress

If you have received any herndon Virginia bodywork treatment before, then you probably know that one of its best benefits is stress alleviation. This has several studies, which show that even a single session can do a lot regarding relieving stress. When you’re in a massage therapy session, your heart rate, cortisol, and insulin levels all godown. This results in has more relaxed and comfortable feeling, which explains why you get out of the medical spa with a much better state of mind.

Boost Blood Circulation

It’s worthy to note that you do not only experience the benefits of massage therapy right after a session. According to health experts, receiving massage therapy regularly can result in better blood tapotement circulation. You may not realize it, but the pain and discomfort you feel in different areas of your body may be due to poor circulation. When lactic acid accumulates in the muscles, you can expect to feel achiness in your muscles and joints. Massage allows for better flow because of the pressure created in the main parts of the body.

Improve Posture

If you’re a desk worker, there’s a high chance that you suffer from pain in the neck and back by the end of the day. In more severe cases, you might also feel discomfort in the lower back and glutes due to sitting for extended periods of time. The positivity is that you can counteract the effects of prolonged sitting by receiving regular massage in herndon va. Over time, massage can also help improve your posture, reducing the risk of feeling pain even after many hours of sitting at your desk.

Increase Flexibility And Range Of Motion

As you age, you might notice that you can no longer perform certain exercises or stretches like you used to. But it’s essential to realize that your age isn’t the only factor to blame. It’s also possible that you’re living a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you’re relatively young, you can still have poor flexibility if you do not exercise at all. Massage therapy helps in increasing flexibility and range of motion. It works on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues to provide better mobility and decrease your risk of physical injury.

Relax Tired Muscles

When you suffer from sore or tight muscles, you might think that it’s caused by a strenuous workout session. But in reality, the most common cause of tight muscles is prolonged periods of sitting. Regardless of the reason, it pays to consider getting a massage to relax your tired muscles. By increasing circulation in the affected area, essential nutrients, as well as oxygen, can reach your muscles. This reduces inflammation and stiffness. Also, massage therapy also boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, which makes you feel better and lightens up your mood.

Massage therapy isn’t something you should get just when you feel like it. It’s best to include it in your regular health care routine to experience its many therapeutic benefits. Take the time to look for a professional Herndon Virginia massage therapist and set up regular massage therapy sessions.

Qurbani (sacrifice) is an important part of the Islamic faith and therefore it is vital to know how it works. Many Muslims understand the core concept but are still unaware of the minor details associated with it.

This read should dive into what is required with the timing of paying your Qurbani and how this aspect of the process works.

It is best to understand the timing before engaging in the act as that can ensure the precise approach is being taken before moving forward.

Let’s see what influences the timing and how it works in the end.

10th Day Of Dhul-Hijjah

The Islamic calendar will show the 10th day of Dhul-Hijjah (Eid), and this is when you are going to be paying the Qurbani. You can pay the Qurbani between this day and the 12th of Dhul-Hijjah (when the sun sets). You have to get it done within this period, but most are recommended to do it as soon as possible.

If you are not able to, it is acceptable to complete the task during the period that has been allotted.

The date will change based on the modern day calendar, so make sure you are aware of when Eid is and the day that is going to be used for this auspicious sacrifice.

When you have figured out how the sacrifice is going to be made, you will be able to look at the details and ensure it is done as needed during the time that has been established. DO not miss this deadline as your sacrifice is not going to be following the established Islamic rules.

Mull over these details and make sure you get it spot on as soon as possible instead of delaying it for later and not doing what was supposed to be done.

After Eid-Ul-Adur Prayers

When do you pay the Qurbani? You will do it after Eid prayers on the 10th day of Dhul-Hijjah. You will be expected to complete the prayers and then follow through with this duty. After you have completed the Qurbani, you can join in on the festivities and help spread the meat that has been collected as well.

You should do this as soon as you get the chance and not leave it for later on in the day.

By doing this early on, you can make sure the Qurbani has been done on time and has been done properly as well.

Division Of Meat Is Done In Three Parts

The meat that has been acquired is going to be sacrificed in three sections. You are going to give it equally to the poor, your home, and your family. Please make sure to give the meat during the day of Eid.

You will be able to do this on the animal you have sacrificed. Make sure the parts are equal when this is being done.

The needy you provide this meat do not have to meet an absolute requirement, but it is recommended to give it to those who might not have anything to feed themselves during this day.

Can Be Done Anywhere In The World

Where can it be done for those who are thinking of making the Qurbani? You are not restricted to where it can be done. You can help anyone based on their needs as long as you are ensuring they do require the assistance. For example, you can help the needy in any part of the world and ensure they can live a better life with the support you have provided.

It is not restricted to developing countries although it is recommended to assist in places of greater need first. However, if you choose to support in your country, it is acceptable and can be done as long as the right amount is being given based on your wealth and assets.

This calculation can be done with the assistance of an Islamic leader or can be done on your own.

Please read through everything before you move ahead with the process. It is smarter to speak with a local Islamic leader or association to see what the rules are if you wish to have them refreshed in your mind. It will make the process go through smoother, and you will be certain about what is taking place.

Only Done By Adults

It is important to remember not everyone is required to pay this Qurbani. It is only required by those who are “adults of sane mind” and have the means to do so. Those who are not as equipped with funds are not obliged to make such a sacrifice.

It is essential to recognize these requirements before moving forward. It will ensure the process goes through as smoothly as one would like to see it be.

This is what the Qurbani is all about and understanding these details will guarantee the right decisions are made during this auspicious time. It is recommended to speak with local Islamic leaders to figure out the minor details associated with how the Qurbani is going to be done.

There are various outlets, and it is best to figure out how you are going to do this well in advance instead of rushing in the end. It is supposed to be done during the period listed in this read. You want to be certain about the direction you are going in before beginning.

Every year many followers of the Muslim faith take a long journey to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. This is referred to as the annual pilgrimage and for some Muslims, it’s considered to be a mandatory religious duty at least once in their lifetime. Some Muslims never make the journey for lack of funds or poor health, but many do. The Hajj pilgrimage is said to be one of the largest assemblies of people in the world each time it takes place. The actual date varies, it is held on the 10th day of the final month in the Muslim Calendar. Part of the annual observation includes sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat to those in need; that is called the Qurbani.

Showing Solidarity With Other Muslims World Wide

One of the purposes of the Hajj pilgrimage is to show a general demonstration of community and solidarity with other Muslims from around the world, and for each person to show how committed to God (Allah) they are.

The actual word Hajj translates to “take a journey” or “intend a journey” and can be construed to either mean go on the actual trip, or the intention to make the journey inwardly instead. The annual trek to Mecca predates the life of Muhammad by several thousand years back to the time of Abraham.

On the way to Mecca, many hundreds of thousands of other Muslims will be simultaneously headed the same way, and will begin to converge into one massive procession as all the people get closer to their goal.

Who Should Give Or Perform The Qurbani

The rules regarding who should give the Qurbani are relatively general, stating that an adult of sound mind and with the means to afford the gift should be the ones to give it. Usually, those that are paying Zakat would be expected to perform Qurbani. There are some sects of Muslims that believe the sacrifice is mandatory while other aren’t as strict and say It’s voluntary. A local Imam or Mosque can guide those needing it.

The common animals that are sacrificed are sheep, cows, camels, goats, or buffalo. It isn’t important whether they are male or female, but they should be in excellent health, never with any handicaps, and should be adult animals. Sheep and goats over one year of age and cows and buffalos over two years old are preferable.

Animals that are sacrificed are given higher shares depending mostly on size and value. A goat or sheep is usually given one share, while camels, cows, and buffalos are worth two shares each. A single person wishing to give Qurbani would only need to give one share, or one goat, for example. A family of up to seven can group together and buy a large cow which can suffice for all seven of them, or seven Qurbani.

There is no limit on the number of Qurbanis that you can give, and many families will give on behalf of dead relatives or family members as a remembrance, but you can give in the name of anyone that you choose. Some people do like to give the names of the people that the Qurbani is from, but the intention is all that is necessary, and it is between that person and Allah.

All of this takes place starting from the 10th day of Dhul-Hijjah and continues until the 12th day of Dhul-Hijjah. If money is to be given, there are local places at each mosque that can accept the money which will be spent on buying goats or cattle in another country where people are in need.

The typical distribution of meat is in thirds, with the first portion going to the home, and next to friends and family then the final portion going to the needy or poor. The last part doesn’t need to go to the sick and need not be Muslims either. However, that is the tradition in many families.

There Are Islamic Relief Agencies That Can Help Distribute The Qurbani

For many that aren’t making the journey but would like to contribute a Qurbani to those in need, many Islamic Relief organizations support on a yearly basis. They have a scoring system that helps decide which families in which areas are most needy. The scoring system takes into account the country, female heads houses, children under age 5, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women to decide those in the most need.

When To Give Qurbani Is Important

There are very strict rules that dictate the times that Qurbani can be given. The exact timing is considered important and should be adhered to since the practice is important in the Islamic religion. The Eid-ul-Adha prayers must be done first, on the ten days of Zul-Hajj before the Udhiya can be performed.

And then the Qurbani can only be done up until sundown on the 12 days. This is a very particular window that needs to be followed. That only allows for three days for the ritual to be performed as specified. Any mistakes, for example, if the ceremony is performed too early, then it will need to be re-performed again at the correct time. Too late, and it will not be accepted.

If You Need An Agency, There Are Many Worldwide

If you live in the US or many parts of Europe, you may be blessed with enough money to send several Qurbani to different parts of the world. Many agencies have been set up to help you provide the needed meat to families in parts of the world where you would have a difficult time making a contribution.

You can do an online search of Islamic Relief USA or the UK to find an agency near you that you can become associated with each year if you desire. The sacrifices can be done to your specifications and carried out exactly as you intend, but in a way that you could not accomplish on your own. You can take care of the family, friends, and relatives nearby, then extend help to those in need half way around the world as well.

If you’ve done religious studies, chances are you already know what Qurbani is. However, people who have no idea about the various religions of the world, about their taboos, practices and rules can easily fund this kind of information online. The only thing to pay attention to is the source you get your info from. You should always avoid websites that don’t display who’s behind them, how you can contact those editors and what are the credentials of their authors. Besides, you should always check all facts and details against at least two or three sources, so that you can be sure everything is for real.

Qurbani is a practice that can be traced back to ancient times when Ibraheem had a dream in which Allah told him to sacrifice his son. As crazy as it may seem, Ibraheem decided to follow the command and kill his son for the love of God. Luckily, he didn’t manage to perform the sacrifice, as God informed him his gesture had been accepted. From this point on, the Qur’an and the Bible have different versions of the story. While in the Bible an animal replaced the boy, in the Qur’an he is replaced with Zubin Azeem, a “great sacrifice”.

If you are genuinely in all the details of these stories, you can grab a copy of each book and read these passages by yourself. This should be enough for you to make yourself an idea about this practice and the spirit of submission shown by Ibraheem. It’s hard to suppress the love for your family and sacrifice your son without even questioning the God’s request. There wouldn’t be too many modern people willing to obey such a request, but in the ancient times, things were completely different. People feared the wrath of gods, so they were ready to honor and worship them, to avoid the plague and other disasters coming on Earth. They were used to submit unconditionally, as they were sure that was the proper thing to do.

Qurbani is only one of the practices that can make a modern human shiver. Being able to slaughter your son is something very hard to imagine today. However, we shouldn’t judge our ancestors according to our modern principles and standards, as times and mentalities were entirely different. Anyway, today Qurbani means the sacrifice of an animal on specific days, the ultimate purpose being to offer Allah pleasure and a sign of respect and veneration. It is rather symbolic, an excellent opportunity for Islamic preachers to remind their followers their religion is based on sacrifice and on the duty to serve with all their effort and wealth. This may seem very hard to understand by outsiders, but it is a core principle in the Islamic world. All we can do is to gather as much information on the topic, with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of cultures and practices that aren’t ours.

Every year, once Eid al-Haha comes around, Muslims from around the globe make a donation of meat that is halal to the people that need it most. Even though the Quran makes exceptions for those Muslims that are poverty-struck or dispossessed to make the annual donations, it calls upon believers that can manage the expense of halal meat to give it to the poverty stricken. This act of charity and faith is an old Islamic tradition that dates back to the start of the religion.

Relief aid programs and food drives are relatively common in the English-speaking world. However, the Qurbani donation is unique to the Islamic faith and is intended to build a better community. While the tradition might date back thousands of years, the modern era has made it possible for Muslims from one part of the world to make a Qurbani donation to a community on the other side of the world.

Due to the religious nature of Qurbani, Muslims must adhere to some prescriptions when making this gift. While these orders might seem complicated, they are quite simple. A humanely and appropriately slaughtered animals that are disease free and clean forms the basis of the Qurbani. Once the right animal has been butchered, its meat is given to the people in the community that are poor and cannot afford such a feast.

In areas that are grappling with poverty and war, it is not uncommon of to learn that the Qurbani donation is the only meat that some families will receive all year. This fact tends to make the Qurbani donation have even more meaning since it could potentially be the only source of animal protein some recipients will get all year.



Qurbani is a tradition that reaches back into the Quran in the story of Haabeel and Quaabeel, the two sons of the first human being, Adam. Qaabeel offered a sacrifice of crops to Allah while Haabeel sacrificed a sheep. In the end, Haabeel’s sacrifice of sheep was consumed by divine flames from the sky and set a standard for meat as the chosen offering for spiritual sacrifices.

The other instance of sacrifice in the Quran is the story of Ibrahim (Abraham) and his son Ismail. Allah ordered him to sacrifice his son but was prevented from doing so at the last minute by an angel sent from heaven. Once the angel explained the real intent of Allah, Ismail was replaced with an animal sacrifice instead, and this is considered the second instance for meat being the chosen offering.

You can find the deeper meaning of the sacrifices in the Quran (22:37), which maintains that the flesh and the blood of the animal never reaches Allah but the compassion and faith of the believer reach out to a higher power. All the major religions of the world, Islam included holding similar ideas about how the act of sacrifice and giving are more important than whatever is sacrificed or given. As evidence of faith in Allah, the animal that is slaughtered is symbolic to the believer getting rid of their baser urges including anger, greed, and hatred.